The Joy of Dance

“The benefits of dance are not just reserved for the professionals.  Anyone can experience the transformative qualities and the joy of dancing.”  This is a quote from Dance Education student, Monica Mardones.  She is currently studying at the University of South Florida, and intends to become a dance therapist once she graduates.  Mardones believes in … Continue reading The Joy of Dance

Embrace Your Passion

I believe that in sharing our stories of discovering and following our passions, we will motivate others to do the same. Enjoy, and share this article with a friend. We are all born with a passion in our hearts. Since birth, a passion has been forming, and it is a gift given to each of … Continue reading Embrace Your Passion

Man’s Best Medicine

When it comes to mental health, the term “man’s best friend” may as well be “man’s best medicine.” That’s right.  Your four-pawed friend may be the catalyst for increasing those serotonin levels and bringing back those happy feelings.  While medications are an option and a necessity in certain instances, it has been proven that animals … Continue reading Man’s Best Medicine